Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Or shouldn’t.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should, or even need to. This article I found focuses on some dumbassery from Disney that applies to several other franchises lately, and the author, Yakov Merkin, hits the nail on the head.
It’s COOL to have strong female leads to the exclusion of story?  I think not.  Character development?  “But she’s a badass!”  I don’t care if shes two dimensional and boring.  I’m in this for entertainment, not to listen to someone else’s sjw crusade.  Bring me a strong, INTERESTING female lead that is a female for a reason other than “We need more female leads” and I’ll love you for it.  Until then?  Just stop with your ignorant virtue signalling.

And then Jon slams it out of the park about the Doctor Who controversy.  I think the last few seasons of Who have, frankly, sucked.  Maybe this shakeup of a female incarnation of the Doctor will help.  Maybe it wont.  We wont know till the season actively starts and either sucks or it doesn’t.  So stop your pointless autistic screeching about change etc and see if the character will be worth a look.

When They Make The Point Better Than You Can

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