Calibre Ebook

I have a lot of eBooks.  And I mean a LOT.  I’ve been collecting them for years, in fact, since the 90’s.  And yes, I remove all the DRM from any eBook I buy, not because I trade them but because I refuse to be tied to any single device or reader.  I read books using the excellent Bookari Reader for Android or the native Kindle App, depending on how I feel and how the eBook looks in high contrast mode.

And that is what I want to talk about today.  I use high contrast mode on my pc due to having diabetic retinopathy.  I have poor vision when it comes to anything BRIGHT or that might cause a glare.  My major complaint about Calibre was that it didn’t respect system themes, so if you were set to high contrast, Calibre displayed quite bizarrely.

It turns out you can set system theme in preferences and it then displays proper high contrast theming.  Much better, and something that much googling did NOT reveal to me.  So I’ll leave a post here.

I like Calibre a lot.  You can go check it out here.  It scales well for big or small collections, lets you organize quite well, will keep track of series and have excellent search functionality.  The dev is very responsive and updates the software quite frequently, AND he’s a nice guy on his support forum.

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